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If there should prove to be anything of real interest happening around our studios, or the places that represent us, this is the place to find the news. We intend on including some stray odds & ends from music activities to the showing of other's work.

New courses on offer!

As a bit of a side note I wanted to mention that I do have a blog located at www.davidkingwright@blogspot.com. I rather wander around taking pot shots at whatever has my interest. This includes politics and everyday activities here in the upper midwest. Take a chance, but be carefull.

Wenatchee Washington just put out a nice publication on their downtown and there in the article was Ms. Ann Louise.

The Edgewood Orchard publishes a nice cookbook each year and there hidden among the rcepies for chicken, or maybe it was eggs, is Ms. Dominque. I know it is caca, maybe I will put a better one on. Its the idea.

Here are the keepers of the lighthouse on Rock Island as we lower the colors every night. The flags must come in as there is no electricity to keep the flag in light. Each night we did a brief ceremony and reflected on all the great things we have here in America. Sure as hell, friends are one of them.


Here is Ann painting at the lighthouse on Rock Island, out in Lake Michigan. While in the past she could be found painting in harsher conditions, today she loves the comfort of the sun and mild days. I recall a day on Prince Edward Island when on completion of a painting done on the beach, she complained of the mass of dead insects and blown sand embedded in the paint. I thought it was simply a texture, a choice of the artist and praised her full out knowing every finished painting had the potential of financial gain.

Home Sweet Home in Amherst

This is our present home here in Amherst. Ann's studio, while smaller than in the canyon, is still large and is in the front room. She down-sized, but that is ok as we are being sized down. 

Springtime on the Tomorrow River. Yes, there are trout there but not easily caught but it almost makes no matter due to the setting. Such charm.

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Local Gallery News


At this point in our careers Ann's  work is largely being shown on the main website with a few exceptions. The bigger work is there . Not all of the work is presently listed on ETSY but may be. Those pieces for sale will be so marked and might be linked to the ETSY site. At this juncture the only option for purchase may be to contact us directly. The prices will be reasonable. 

Edgewood Orchard Gallery

The Edgewood Orchard Gallery in Fish Creek Wisconsin handles my (David) work and is open from May until Nov.   It has a complete selection of each piece. This is one of the finest galleries in the midwest and is well worth a visit not only because of my artistic endeavors but for the many great works they display. Great owners and staff. The gallery is a real jewel. 

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