David's Sculpture in the Making

Thyra Wicks


This is a picture of my Grandmother Thyra Carlson Wicks, just after her arrival from Sweden. I would have to imagine at this time she spoke no English. It was shortly before  she married my one-legged grandfather, Lonnie Wicks. She was a wonderful woman and if I might say, rather attractive. I looked more like Lonnie---unfortunately.


I have always felt she would make a good sculpture but never put it together. As of now I am working on it and what you see below is the beginning of that effort.


I have used a rather formal setting loosely based on Sargent's Madame X. Thyra must have been elegant in those early years, maybe 1905 here. Probably about the same time or a touch later than Sargent's paintings of the upper class.


I have a ways to go but I don't really feel I have to capture her image, but close.


I am also working on a nude of Ann Louise based on my wife in her younger years. It will be exact!

This is Thyra in the soft clay stage. This was a few weeks ago and after much procrastinating and some changes, the mould (below) was made. The first rough piece stands to the left waiting my attention to chase and patina. Not far off now.

Below is the very rough start of the nude called Ann Louise Exposed---or something like that. I have a few old pictures of Ann and with luck I can make a keeper