Big Buying Opportunity

For years we have used our website mostly as a means of providing information about our artistic efforts. We never really lifted much of a finger to use it to sell work as we chose to funnel our work through galleries and museums.


As we have turned the accelerator down a touch as a way of having more leisurely time, trucking goods around the country has become burdensome. We for the most part just want to be here, working on our art, laying about the fort, frolicking in the water and running from the rat race.


It has just crossed my drifting mind that maybe we should use this site along with other forms of social media to market our art work. This is our first effort and we will have to see just what we can pull off.


But here is the deal, we get a fair number of hits every day, rather surprising actually, and maybe there are art buyers out there reading this . So what we are going to do is offer some deals to get the enterprise going.


Our work for years has had a set price and there was little fluctuation because both we and the galleries had to make money. It was good and our galleries have always been of the highest order.


The deals will be listed here along with information on the paintings and framing. They will be priced below the gallery prices as a way of getting interest. I don't want to call it a blue light special but it is a special.


Please take a look around, meaning all over the place, and see if there might be some work of interest. (I am still a day or two off from making this all happen)