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Ann Herzog Wright

Necedah National Wildlife Refuge Exhibition

Ann Herzog Wright is a nationally known artist who has been painting for 50 years, working in oils, watercolor, and pastels.


Here she is pursuing her work. The elegant swan is taking shape... 


The Loon has a Lucky Day

16" x 22" Oil   From a Roger Leitner photo                                                      Buy Here   $980

Lone Goose

24" x 36" Oil                                                                                                    Buy Here $1600

Evening Grosbeak

12" x 9" Oil                                                                                                         Buy Here  $395

Red Canoe

11" x 14" Oil                                                                                                       Buy Here   $575

Drake Mallard Taking in the Marsh

8" x 10" Oil                                                                                                        Buy Here $325  

Meet Ann Herzog Wright, who at this juncture, is all full of herself, probably about to set off in search of subjects for her paintings. Ann is not always this relaxed while painting and can, in her many moods, be found covered with paint and intensity. I like her both ways. David Wright

5' 3" Lounging Artist posing for the camera. 

The Elegant Swan

24" x 36" Oil    Private Collection (lost in a home fire)

Single Water Lily

8" x 10" Oil    Private Collection

Yellow Lily Flower

8" x 10" Oil                                                                                                          Buy Here $325

The Monarch on a Banner Afternoon

8" x 10" Watercolor                                                                                             Buy Here  $130

Tiger Swallowtail on Larkspur

7" x 5" Oil on Guilded Panel    Private Collection

Colorful Goose

24" x 24" Pastel    Private Collection

Canoeing Quiet Water

9" x 12" Oil                                                                                                         Buy Here  $395

As you may have guessed, Ann is a bit of an impressionist. She is pictured here in southern France attempting to catch a vibe from Monet, or was it Cezanne? For her entire career, she has sought out subjects close at hand, from the giant bulls on our Colorado land to the butterflies of Wisconsin and the "many" fish I have caught throughout the years. Please enjoy perusing our art and, if so inclined, visit our full website and blog (links shown above and at left).

David Wright

Chickadee on the Lookout

               10"x 6" Watercolor    Private Collection

Arrowhead Plant Enjoying the Day

16" x 12" Oil                                                                                                        Buy Here $675

Redhead Duck in Repose

11" x 14" Oil                                                                                                        Buy Here  $495

Resting Hawkweed

                            5.5" x 4" Watercolor and Ink Sketch              Buy Here  $65

Lone Sandhill Crane

24" x 18" Pastel on Paper    Private Collection

Ann painted me "Man Outstanding in His Own Field" so I would set up this site for her. A fair trade...


If you have questions, please check our main website (links shown above and at left) for additional information and a comprehensive list of Ann's art shows, museum exhibits, and other accomplishments. Or, contact us directly for information via email at dkwright@wi-net.com

Preparing the Canoe

12" x 9" Oil on Panel                                                                                           Buy Here $425

Mallard Drake working the Puddle

8" x 10" Oil                                                                                                       Buy Here   $325

Sea Gull on a Post

8" x 10" Watercolor                                                                                            Buy Here  $150


8" x 6" Oil on Gilded Panel                                                                       Inquire if Interested 

Gull in Mist

         7" x 5" Watercolor                                                                               Buy Here  $70

Hooded Merganzer

12" x 12" Bronze Scuplture by Ann Herzog Wright                                       Buy Here  $1400

Evening Sandhill Crane

                   7" x 5" Watercolor Print                                                    Buy Here $40

Two Bass on a Plate

12" x 9" Oil                                                                                                         Buy Here  $375

Purchasing Information:

Please click the "Buy Here" link under each piece to make a purchase through our pages on ETSY.

Shipping is free and arrangements can be set up from the ETSY site.

Please note that although paintings are shown here without frames, every painting is set in professional grade framing, many of them handcrafted.

Contact us if you wish to see a painting with frame, or if you have questions about shipping: dkwright@wi-net.com


Although the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge is not directly involved in sales, the artist will make a 20% donation from each sale made during the dates of this exhibition: October 1 - October 31, 2020.


Thank you for your interest.   Ann Herzog Wright and David Wright 



David Wright & Ann Herzog Wright

Wright Fine Art

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At this point in our careers Ann's  work is largely being shown on the main website with a few exceptions. The bigger work is there . Not all of the work is presently listed on ETSY but may be. Those pieces for sale will be so marked and might be linked to the ETSY site. At this juncture the only option for purchase may be to contact us directly. The prices will be reasonable. 

Edgewood Orchard Gallery

The Edgewood Orchard Gallery in Fish Creek Wisconsin handles my (David) work and is open from May until Nov.   It has a complete selection of each piece. This is one of the finest galleries in the midwest and is well worth a visit not only because of my artistic endeavors but for the many great works they display. Great owners and staff. The gallery is a real jewel. 

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