A Single Bloom II

Angelina II

This sculpture is again like many others, a simple reflection of, what I consider to be life's greatest pleasure, the appreciation of flowers in the garden. It is a slight pause in time to reflect on those things that are good. Maybe a brief thought of what St. Katherine said, "All the way to heaven, is heaven". The name came from Bob Dylan's song, Farewell Angelina.


This piece is 37 inches tall and made of Polymer. This is a material that is  castable and on drying, is very durable and capable of being outside through any weather. But unlike bronze, if hit hard enough, will break. It is fortified with fiberglass and has a weight similiar to bronze, about 40 pounds.


Each piece is mounted on a concrete block that has been specially produced for sculpture. The combined weight is 55 Lbs.


Price $1450 in Polymer

The bases now used are 3 inches deep, twice what is seen here.