Gallery of David's Work

At this point in time, all of my work is with the human figure. The pieces range from 21" to 57" and are available in both bronze and polymer. If I were to sum up the nature of my work I would say that it is meant to show appreciation of the more simple aspects of life like a handful of found flowers, a momentarily caught fish, a bunch of fresh garden beets and the warmth of a fat hen.  They all seem to be items close at hand in our rural lives.


The side bar lists the name of each piece I do. By hitting the name, it will take you to that piece. The site is yet to be completed as some information still needs to be added.  Thanks, D. Wright

Ann Louise I
Ann Louise, 21" Polymer

My pieces come in two forms, or should I say types of material. One is bronze, the other is polymer. The polymer items are readily available and moderate in price. The bronzes have to be produced in Colorado and it frequently takes time to turn one around, months. Both have a similar appearance but the bronze is more durable. However, both are suitable for outside display. Do inquire about availability.