"A Swallow in the Canyon"   "6 x 4"   oil on comp. gold leaf

While this is a smaller frame, 6"x 4", it is fairly typical of a handmade, guilded presentation. There is, of course, a larger variety of frames.

This is a commercial frame guilded gold. Like most frames it is not real gold but a composition material. However, other than a trained eye it is hard to tell the difference---unless you see them side by side. At some point I will show real gold. This frame is valued at $50. A real gold frame would be in the neighborhood of $400.

"Two White Bass on a Plate"  "12 x 9"  oil on board

This is also a commercial frame valued at around $50. Any price listed for a painting will include the frame and information about the frame.

"Misty Morning"   "14 x 18"  oil

This is a handmade frame made by David Wright, that would be me. I start from scratch, in other words, raw material and work it up from there. All frames made by me are handgilded, antiqued and finished with lacquor. This is a 16" x 20" painting so the frame is a bit larger. The frame is worth about $220. It should be noted that the leaf is a composition but I do on occassion use real siver leaf. Like gold, there is a difference but it is subtle.