Ann's Paintings of Europe---France Italy

This is a 8 x 10 oil painting of rural France, or  I should add, southern Provence, in the wine country. It is March and the leaves are just turning to green. The fruit tree is in bloom here in the back country not farm from a castled community.

We spent some time in Bormes les Mimosas, and interestingly we spent some time in one of the small attached houses shown in the painting, that would be the one on the left. This is an one-the-spot 8 x 10 oil painting completed while hanging out on the street looking down on the small community.

We purchased a very nice bottle of wine from this woman---12 euros so a bit pricy. The setting was very cool in the castle and it was an old family winery who as near as we could tell solod only at their little store. We believe it was in Rochetta.


We took a couple of shots and went in. Mostly we spoke French/Spansh and got what we neede plus a little history. Nice patorial setting --we only found this in Italy.


8 x 10 oil on panel. Painted on our return.