Canyon Steers, Oil, 9x12

 These two steers were hanging out on the road to our adobe home in Redstone Canyon in Colorado. The colors were rich and inspiring but the aspect that really set it off was the play of light. One thing about Colorado is the intensity of the light, unlike Wisconsin where everything is more muted due to the atmosphere and all its held moisture.

Lone Cow


This girl was standing idle in the local field. It would appear that she is in a dry period so maybe this accounts for the more relaxed appearence. I loved the reflected light coming off the ground. Interestingly, one can still feel the atmosphere, always more muted.


Sold as of 8/4/12

Canoeing the Cranberry


This is a painting of Dennis and me, heading up the Cranberry in search of fish, I suspect Walleyes. While we look confident and rather aesthetic, if I remember correctly, we were unsucessful, but not because of me.

Misty Barn, 16x20, oil


The delightful old barn lies just south of the village of Amherst. In early summer we have heavy fogs and on this day the entire landscape was drowned in moisture, leaving a dynamic affect on the land.