The Girl With the Pearl Hat


This potrait above is one of Ann's most recent. This young lady lived next door with her family. She had a most pleasant demeanor, a calmness around her, even though she had the constant work of managing three kids and a husband. I believe this oil painting captures that feeling.


"12 x 9"  Oil on panel .

"White Reflections"  "16 x 20"  oil

"Door County Gull"   "12 x 16"  $575.


Gulls have always fascinated Ann. This one I believe was in Door County Wisconsin, and like many didn't pay much mind to humans. I suppose they saw us as possible source of food, scavangers they are, and very suburbanized. Still an elegant bird.

We took a trip into the Boundary Waters just before freeze up. A number of paintings came out this adventure. On days that were calm and crisp, every setting seemed magical. This was Rick positioning his faithful canoe. Some days the weather offered up few quiet settings as the wind howled and snow spat on us.

"Boundary Waters"    "8 x 10"  oil  

On Pottowatomi Lighthouse Steps.

10 x8" Oil on Panel