Artwork by Ann Herzog Wright

This is the page from which all of Ann's paintings can be found. Those shown below are samples, so to speak. The tabs on the left will lead you to a larger selection and a description of the work as well as a chance to look at some of the framing we use. The prices are not commonly listed at this time. If you have a painting that interests you, please make an inquiry.


"Two Fish on the Rocks"   "16 x 20"   oil

Photo gallery: A sampling of my artwork

Young Dance


Ann just finished this piece and I thought it should be right up front. I found it to be very painterly and charming but I have a slanted point of view as it is our daughter when she was but a child. Always a great topic and I must admit it does also capture her attitude.

"The Heartland"   "9 x 12"  oil

The above feature gives a brief run-through of paintings that are around and recent. Some are small watercolors and others are larger oils. It is just an overview. By hitting the tabs on the left, other paintings can be seen. It will take time to bring this all up to date, but not forever.

Bowl of Fruit


This is a small watercolor mounted with matt board and framed. It is a 5" x 7"

Today it is for sale for just $50 shipping not included. We are doing this as a way of seeing who is looking around. Having some fun, if you will.